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How To Upgrade Frozen French Fries: Simple and Easy!

Are you ever bored of plain frozen fries? Well, here is a simple and delicious way to upgrade frozen fries with just two ingredients! With only Parmesan and dried basil, these fries take under five minutes to complete! I love that the basil adds a pop of colour and flavour to the fries, while the… Continue reading How To Upgrade Frozen French Fries: Simple and Easy!


Delicious Breakfast Frittata

This frittata with spinach, mushrooms and goat cheese is so creamy and filling. It’s perfect for breakfast and brunch!! My favourite fillings to put in this frittata are spinach, mushrooms and goat cheese, but you can use the base recipe and add in your own fillings too! This frittata base only has 4 staple ingredients… Continue reading Delicious Breakfast Frittata

The Ultimate Loaded Nachos!

With crunchy chips, two types of cheese, lots of beans and delicious salsa, these nachos are topped with avocado, sour cream and pickled jalapeños! These nachos are so quick and easy to make! I made them in under 15 minutes, so they’re perfect for lunch or a quick afternoon snack! I love using scooped tortilla… Continue reading The Ultimate Loaded Nachos!

Pea and Mushroom Cream Pasta

How could you resist a creamy, rich pasta, with sweet peas and mushrooms full of flavor? You can’t! This pasta is easy, delicious and can be cooked in under 20 minutes! It’s perfect for a quick dinner with friends and family. My favourite type of noodles to use are linguine noodles because they are fun… Continue reading Pea and Mushroom Cream Pasta